Instagram Fonts

Hey there! Instagram Fonts Generator ( will help you to create some cool and fancy Instagram text fonts that you can copy and paste in your Instagram profile, posts, comments or even videos. With this useful tool, you can stand out from the rest of the content on Instagram. The tool has various text font styles, emojis and text pictures which gives some cool effects to your text. Adding custom fonts will increase your Instagram creativity. The site has lot of text styles that you can choose from. Type or paste your text in the box above. You will see a variety of text styles automatically generated for you. You will also see a button which says "Load more fonts". When you click on the button you will see more text styles generated automatically.

There are millions of text styles embedded with cool emojis that you can choose from. Each time when you click on the button, the fonts generator tool will create more text styles combinations for you.

How to Add Instagram Fonts to your profile, posts and IGTV videos?

By adding customized Instagram fonts to your content, you can grab a lot of eyeballs. Whether you are a brand or just a normal user, the Instagram Fonts tool is one of your best bet for generating cool fonts styles. All you have to do is type your text into the text box above. You will see infinite number of font styles generated to your text. Simply copy and paste anywhere on your Instagram account.

Our site uses a large ranges of Unicode characters. Only the Instagram compatible characters are being used. Use these cool Instagram fonts to your Bio, Captions, Comments & IGTV Descriptions.

What is Unicode?

If you have ever come across the concept of ASCII, you will know that there are only 128 characters. As the computer need arose, a concept of Unicode was introduced which supports unlimited characters. The organization Unicode Consortium maintains the standard and adds lots of Unicode characters. Currently there are 143,696 graphic characters and 163 format characters. Even the emojis that you are actually using are nothing but textual characters. That's how we came up with all these cool text fonts and styles. These are not really a font set but rather symbols set.

Unicode keeps the standard of converting numbers into textual characters. Because of the necessity in the age of computers and internet this concept was introduced so that a person/business can use various symbols and styles of text. The current version of Unicode is 13.0 introduced in March 2020. If you would like to learn more about Unicode, here is the detailed explanation on Wikipedia.

Will this work on other social media networks?

Yes! All these styles will most likely will work on various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Discord, Tumblr,WhatsApp, YouTube, QQ, SnapChat, Skype, VK, and many more! Most of these text styles will work on these social networks as I have found them all compatible with various Unicodes. However, some Unicodes are blocked by certain social networks so please don't forget to try them.

I just hope you will find this site Instagram fonts useful! Don't forget to bookmark this site for easy access. I will be adding more styles soon. Play around these cool Instagram fonts and use them anywhere you want.

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