Instagram Caption Generator

Hello! Instagram Caption Generator is a cool caption generating tool that you can use in your Instagram posts, comments, stories, videos, reels etc. This cool IG Caption generator has well over 1200+ cool captions that will fit all your moods. IGFonts.info has been catering more captions on daily basis and we will be updating more. You can create cool Instagram Captions using this tool and use it with just a click. Stand out from the crowd with our fancy text method which will also automatically convert you caption in cool Instagram fonts. You can update your Instagram bio with these beautiful captions.

Using this IG caption tool is pretty simple and straight forward. All you have to do is click the "Generate Random Caption" button. The tool will then generate a random caption along with beautiful fonts just below the text box. Keep clicking on the button until you find the perfect caption that you might need. Once you are sure of a particular caption, simply click on the generated text and the font will be copied. Paste it anywhere on Instagram and you are done. It is that simple.

IG Caption Generator has beautiful captions for boys and girls, movie quotes, funny captions, famous and success quotes, Inspiration quotes,motivational quotes and much more. We have been adding quotes on a daily basis and are also working on more features in the captions pretty soon.

There are thousands of text styles that you can choose from once the caption is generated. Clicking on the "Load More Font" button will further bring more cool font styles.

What are the quotes/caption categories in your database?

There are hundreds of categories in our database for Instagram captions. Some of them are as below.

  • Funny Captions
  • Inspirational/Motivational Quotes
  • Food Captions
  • Health and Fitness Captions
  • Love/Couple captions
  • Cuteness captions
  • Happiness Quotes
  • Businesss/Entrepreneur captions
  • Movie Quotes
  • Philosophical Quotes
  • Success Captions
  • Question Captions
  • Holiday Captions
  • Sassy Captions
  • Summer/Winter/Fall captions
  • Friends Captions
and much more.

Are these captions updated periodically?

Yes. I update the database with new captions and quotes everyday. So, don't forget to keep coming and checkout many more captions.

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